1. What is the difference between an e-ticket and a paper ticket?

An e ticket is not a formal ticket. It is just the proof of your flight reservation and payment. You need to exchange this at one of the electronic kiosks in the airport for a real boarding pass.

2. How much baggage is allowed for two people travelling together?

A maximum of 40 kg is allowed for two people travelling together. You may carry luggage worth 20 kg each, or 23 and 17 kg and so on – but the total weight should not add up to more than 40 kg.

3. What are the restrictions on carrying liquids?

The term ‘liquid’ applies to hand creams, lip balm/stick, deodorants, and hair sprays in addition to what a liquid generally pertains to. You need to carry these in an one litre, transparent and re-sealable plastic bag not more than 20x20 cm in measurement.

You should keep this bag separately, to be shown at the security counter.

4. What if my flight gets cancelled?

Most airlines will book you right away in the next flight to your destination, at no additional charge. If you have already made arrangement for accommodation and transport, contact your dealer and make alternate arrangement, if required.

5. Can I sell my ticket to someone else?

For security reasons, a passenger can only use the ticket issued in his/her name. You cannot simply hand over or sell your ticket to somebody else.

6. Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

At most times, yes. But you need to keep several things in mind. First, make sure you consult with the doctor before planning to travel by air during pregnancy. Usually, doctors recommend against travelling once you have crossed the 36th week and if your pregnancy is high-risked, it is not recommended to travel by air.