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This website is a non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to make the process of travelling via air simple and quick for you. We work on innovative and fresh ways to deliver information about air travelling.

For detailed information about various airport facilities, luggage restrictions, connecting flights and other air travel minutiae, this website is ideal and is intended to make things easier for you , especially if you’re flying for the first time. Doubtless, there are rules and restrictions to be observed, but, guided by correct information, the process will no longer be intimidating in the least.

easyjetguide.co.uk is true to its name – air travel made easy for you. Find information on flights going in at out of the UK, flight cancellations, mandatory requirements while flying and so on. We know that travelling with family and children is quite different from travelling alone and parents are often concerned about boarding flights with infants and toddlers. Worrying about their safety, constant attention towards feeding little children – these are but few of the concerns and with effective and insightful advice, your journey will be smooth and safe.

If you have any travel related queries, please feel free to contact us and we promise to be prompt with the replies. Kindly check our FAQ page for answers to some general questions people have regarding flights and air travel.

We focus on making your trip a success from beginning to the end. Kindly contact the helpline number for more details about flying insights.